The Importance of Web Design for Branding

Web design serves many essential purposes, and included in this, is to build the brand. Different processes are implemented to achieve this.

Successful Web Designers

No matter whether one is a professional web designer, or is taking web design on, as a do it yourself task, they need to understand the importance of branding. If they don’t, then they have no hope of being able to develop a web design, that will be able to help build the brand. Many different industries must pay very close attention to building their brand, especially when there is a lot of competition. A good example of this is the gambling industry. One can take a website like Unibet Sports Betting as a great example of why the brand building would be so important to a business entity such as this.

The Brand is the Perception

The brand of a business is what a visitor perceives it to be. It is what they tell others about your company. The web design creates a visual presentation, therefore to support the brand, the visual display of it, has to promote the brand. Some experts say that about 75% of clients online judge the credibility of the business, based on the presentation of the site, which is the design.

Web Design Branding Results

If the web designer has been successful in supporting the brand with web design, there will be evidence of this. Overall, there will be positive feedback from visitors, as to the credibility of the business. The web design should help to expand recognition within an industry. It can help a company stand out from their competitors. Branding, supported with the proper web design, can, and should, help to increase conversions.

What Does Web Design Branding Include?

There are some aspects of the web design that are particularly important to the branding of the business. One of these is the logo. Some web designers like to explore options, with where the logo should be located in the web design. The majority of experts, hold fast with the concept, that it has to be on the left side of the page, in the header. Change is good, but caution has to be taken with visitor expectations. Visitors expect to see the logo in the top left position. Some research has shown, that when the logo is where it is supposed to be, that 89% of those viewing it, will remember it.

The Importance of the About Us Page

This is one of the pages that often gets neglected, yet it can be one of the most powerful pieces of information included in the web design, for branding purposes. The about us page should tell a story, about what the business is. The concept behind branding is storytelling. The story in the about us page should be based on facts, and relevant information, for the interested reader. It tells people who you are, what you are, and what your goals, and missions, are.

Keeping the Branding in the Forefront

A web designer that has good knowledge of the importance of branding will remain focused on this, during the entire process of the web design building. It is something that should be checked, during each step of the process of web building. Many of the elements that go into the web design are the same ones that build the brand.