The Critical Components of Good Web Design

Anyone that is going to have a presence on the web, automatically knows how vital the web design is going to be. However, what may not be considered, is the number of components that go into web design, that make it successful.

Information Resources

The internet is loaded with information about web design, and some of those details are evergreen information, meaning that although the resource is dated, it is still valid today. Then, there are other sources of information that have become outdated when it comes to web design; in part, because of the new tools, techniques and technology that constantly become available for web design.

What Has Not Changed in Web Design

One of the components as to web design that has not changed, and not likely to, is the fact that web designing is a process that has a combination of steps that must be carried out. These steps include:

  • Research: The research segment of web design should begin with the identification of the intended target market. By doing this, the research allows for determining the wants, and needs, of the target market. The site can then be designed with this in mind
  • Planning: Just as a business plan needs to be devised for a new business, a project has to be developed for the designing of a website. The idea for the web design will be setting some goals for the site. The planning can overlap with the research concerning looking at competitors. The information gathered from this can help to create part of the plan, in regards to what the web design may require. Planning includes mapping out the process in which the website will be built. It helps to provide a roadmap for each step, that is to be taken in the process
  • Paying Attention to Detail: One of the weak areas for some web designers is to focus on the main components of the web design, but to forget about the details. It is often the small details that have an accumulative positive effect of the success of the website

These three points help to make up the foundation of web design and stand the tests of time.

–What Has Changed in Web Design?==

Many of the changes that have taken place in web design are as a result of modern technology. An example of this is digital marketing. Many web designers have had to learn about this, and how it can be incorporated into the design of the website itself.

  • Mobile Friendly: Mostly everyone in the web design business will agree, that the widespread use of mobile devices, has created some significant changes in web design
  • Design Principles: These too have changed in some ways. For example, at one time, all the essential information was attempted to be kept above the crease. Now, scrolling is becoming a common practice
  • Graphics: Graphics are becoming more critical in the modern day web design. More attention is being paid to graphics being more relevant to the brand, that the website is representing
  • Content: Content has always been something that has to be strongly considered by the web designers. It has become more critical over the years. Web designers have to focus on the layout, to provide enough space for the content, as well as strategies as to where it should be placed