The Biggest Mistakes That Can Be Made with Web Design

One of the most significant ways to have a successful web design is to avoid the mistakes that can lead it to failure. Which means that the web designer, whether a professional or a novice, needs to know what these mistakes are. For those that are taking on the task of a “do it yourself web design,” they really need to know what these are and avoid them at all costs. Most professionals are aware of them. If by chance, they do make one of these mistakes, they are able to recognise it quickly and take the proper steps to correct it. The do it yourself web designer, may not have this same advantage.

Where is the Focus?

The web designer must be focused throughout the entire process of creating the web design. A mistake that is commonly made is concentrating on the design so that it only looks good but lacks functionality. The critical aspect, which is that the web design must create conversions, and maximise these, sometimes gets overlooked.

Design Errors

It is easy to forget about responsive design when one is building the web design. This is undoubtedly because there are so many different components of the website that must be attended to. What this is going to require, is knowing what configurations Google is going to support. This is where it can get a little technical for the novice web designer.

404 Pages

When a visitor goes to a page that doesn’t exist, many of them will simply leave the site, rather than taking the time to read the solution, that may be posted there. Therefore, it is important for the web designer to be absolutely sure, that all links and tabs are working correctly.

The Cluttered Page

Most will say that the home page of the web design, is the most important page. This is the page where visitors usually land on first when coming to a site. The mistake made here is cramming this page so full of information, that it becomes overwhelming for the readers. A common tactic is to use carousels so more information can be delivered quickly. These can become a distraction, especially when they scroll automatically, and the scrolling rate is not set properly.

Slow Load Times

Another error is not paying attention to how fast the site loads. This applies to every page on the site. Slow load times can be as a result of many different reasons. The consensus is that it should not take any longer than four seconds for a page to fully load. A slow loading site increases the bounce rate, which can hurt the success of the site in a variety of ways.

Ease of Use

There are a lot of web designers that have different levels of expertise when they are designing their site. Sometimes, what may seem easy for them with site usage, can be very difficult for the visitor. A mistake is often made with the creation of complex navigation. A visitor must be able to navigate through the site with as few steps as possible.

Getting Carried Away with the Fonts

It is a mistake to rely on fonts that look pretty but are not easy to read. Visitors will often skim information. If they have to struggle with understanding the font, then they will surely give up and leave the site.