KokoroHello and welcome. We have designed and developed a variety of website themes and styles for our clients, from martial artists and sporting clubs, motor, photography, accomodation, health, fitness, promotional, print, entertainment and music related themed homepages.

All Design & Development web projects are different and require a variety of uses and as such all website quote's are made by Contacting us for Design & Development Pricing Details!

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Services & Payments

Services & Payments

Note: Hosting / Maintenance Payment - Terms & Conditions
All invoices are sent out via email to the clients account email address.
We do not post invoices via mail to you.
Your annual billing invoice will be sent to you by email unless other arrangements are made with us.
All costs are to be payed within 14 days of us sending an invoice via a email to you.

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Phone: 0408806277