If you are looking for some simple, factual and critical information about web design, then you have undoubtedly come to the right place. To really understand about who we are, and what our key intentions are, you may want to begin your journey with us here, by reviewing our about us page. When you do, you are soon going to learn, that we intend to make sure you have access to the essential aspects of web design, but in an easy to read, and follow, manner.

Our approach is to build our web design blog on four key factors which are:

  • The critical components of a good website
  • Relying on the right resources
  • Avoiding costly web design mistakes
  • The importance of branding in web design

Why Go Back to Basics?

You will find that when you read the post on critical components, that it takes the reader back in time, as to what the fundamentals of web design are, and how these have not changed. But, at the same time, the post recognises, that modern technology is changing some of the tactics used in web design.

The Advantage of Resources

Many business owners feel pressured into doing their own web design. For them, it is vital that they know about the resources they can rely on. To assist them, we talk about the ones that are available to them.

Beware of the Mistakes

Learning about web design, takes a lot of time and effort, but a good starting approach, is to first learn about the mistakes, that should be avoided. This, then, makes it easier to understand the elements, that go into web design.


This information found here on our web design blog is really important, because often branding is not considered to be a part of web design.